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The first step to a successful Groups program is asking the right questions:

Which Groups should I join? Which meetings should I attend? How much money should I spend? What can I accomplish at a meeting? Am I meeting with the right people? How do I influence the Group’s policies and consideration of issues? How do I map my participation back to my Issue Management program?

We have been answering these and other questions for corporate, trade association and federal government clients since 1988 and helping them plan and manage their Groups engagement.

We provide our clients with a wide range of services to leverage more value from their Groups participation, including:

  • Representing our clients at meetings
  • Directly advocating on their behalf
  • Raising our clients profile among Groups’ leaders and staff
  • Adding expert bandwidth to their program and ensuring proper execution of Groups’ engagement efforts
  • Identifying the right people to meet and building productive, sustainable relationships
  • Identifying education and hospitality opportunities at Groups meetings
  • Arranging meetings and special briefings with officials and facilitating follow-up
  • Establishing clients’ credibility with Groups’ leaders and staff in the relevant issue areas
  • Negotiating contributions and other in-kind commitments with Groups that cannot be joined
  • Developing Strategic Plans that ensure a return on investment
  • Continuously monitoring Groups activities

We are at our clients’ side during any Groups engagement, directly participating in the meetings and forums, performing the critical in-between meeting work with Groups’ leadership and staff, providing clients with access to our wealth of relationships and contributing additional professional bandwidth to their programs to help them succeed and achieve their Groups objectives.

Let us answer your questions about engaging state and local officials Groups.

To find out how Stateside can maximize your Groups engagement, contact Michael Behm at or call (703) 525-7466.

Here’s What Others Are Saying:

“Stateside’s acumen and experience in addressing challenges in the states has been critical to PayPal’s government relations success. They have helped us overcome difficult legislative issues, participate more effectively among the officials groups, target government markets and raise our profile as a company among key state and local officials. I cannot overemphasize the value of their attention and responsiveness to my everyday program needs… It’s all about excellent customer service.”
Michelle Peacock - Senior Director, Retail Association Development, PayPal
“We are proud to have been one of Stateside’s first clients. Over the years the relationship has matured to become an integral part of our government relations operations fully integrated with our in-house work. We could not be happier with the professionalism of the staff or more pleased with their work.”
Eric J. Ellman - Senior Vice President, Public Policy and Legal Affairs, Consumer Data Industry Association
“The quality of service that Stateside provides the Alliance – both in terms of legislative tracking and in navigating the various third party groups – has enhanced the work of our State Affairs department tremendously and continues to be a value-add for our member companies.”
Laura Dooley - Director, State Affairs, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers

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