Groups Report

July/August 2016 Highlights

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Annual Meeting | July 17-20
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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The Annual Meeting will begin with a meeting of the MLC Executive Committee on July 17.

The Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee is scheduled to convene July 17 and will hold sessions on the following topics:

  • Growing an Entrepreneurial Economy
  • Economic Outlook for Agriculture in the Midwest
  • Developing and Marketing the Protein Highway
  • Implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act and Its Impact on Agriculture Producers

The Economic Development Committee is scheduled to convene July 17 and will hold sessions on the following topics:

  • Addressing Career Readiness in K-12 Education
  • Connecting Education to Economic Development by Engaging the Business Community

The Education Committee is scheduled to convene July 17 and will hold sessions on the following topics:

  • The Lifelong Impact of Quality Early Childhood Care & Education
  • State Education Funding
  • The Every Student Succeeds Act

The Health and Human Services Committee is scheduled to convene July 17 and will hold sessions on the following topics:

  • The Future of Critical Access Hospitals and Rural Health Care
  • Building More-Complete Behavioral Health Care and Substance Abuse Systems
  • Evaluation of Minnesota Study on Cost Savings from Health Homes
  • Member-Driven Discussion of Medicaid Reforms: Cost Savings and the Results of Expansion

The Midwest-Canada Relations Committee is scheduled to convene July 17 and will hold sessions on the following topics:

  • How States and Provinces Can Benefit from the Economic Ties between Canada and the U.S.
  • The Benefits and Challenges of U.S.-Canada Energy Collaboration
  •  The Border Backlog: Improving Experiences for Travelers, Traders and Workers
  • Looking Toward the Future: What‘s Next for Canada – U.S. Relations

A breakfast session has been scheduled for July 18 featuring two roundtable discussions on the Legalization of Medical Cannabis and/or Marijuana: The Experience of Iowa and Perspective of Other States in the Midwest and The Proposed Great Lakes Basin Rail Line: The Response From Communities and the Legislators Who Serve Them.

The Opening Session on July 18 is entitled The Future of Water and Water Policy in the Midwest. The following sessions on water policy have also been scheduled:

  • Water Quality: Three State Approaches in the Midwest to Curbing Nutrient Pollution
  • Water as an Economic Tool: Policy Strategies for States, Provinces and Their Communities
  • The Midwest‘s Aging Water Infrastructure: Why it Needs to be Addressed and How it Can Be Done

A presentation on the 2016 elections has been scheduled for the afternoon.

A breakfast session has been scheduled for July 19 that will feature a roundtable discussion entitled Election Administration: State Policy Strategies on Voter Registration, Photo ID and More.

The plenary session on July 19 will focus on the MLC Chair‘s Initiative and is entitled Early Childhood Development and its Life-Shaping Challenges and Opportunities. The following concurrent sessions will also focus on the Chair‘s Initiative:

  • The Science of Brain Development in a Child‘s Early Years: A Primer for Policymakers
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Trauma-Informed Care: Policy Strategies to Prevent ACEs in Early Childhood and to Improve Outcomes
  • Building Stronger Families Through Early Childhood Assistance and Interventions: Best Practices and Strategies

The following sessions have been scheduled for the afternoon of July 19:

  • Strengthening the Teacher Pipeline: Policies to Retain and Recruit High-Quality Educators
  • Alzheimer‘s Disease Policy: Strategies to Meet the Needs of Afflicted Individuals and Their Families
  • Restorative Justice: Tips on Introducing its Principles into Communities and Institutions
  • The Opioid Crisis: Addressing the Problem of Use, Addiction and Overdoses

The MLC Business Session will take place July 20. Iowa Senator Janet Petersen (D) will ascend to the MLC Chair for the 2016-2017 year.
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Annual Meeting | July 17-20
Sun Valley, Idaho
Stateside Contact: Steve Arthur at

The Annual Meeting will begin with opening remarks from CWAG Chair and Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum (D) and host state Attorney General Lawrence Wasden (R) July 18. CWAG has scheduled over a dozen panels throughout the Annual Meeting featuring attorneys general and staff, representatives from government agencies, members of academia, and industry sectors.

The Supreme Court Review Luncheon is scheduled for July 18. The following panels have been scheduled for July 18:

  • What Keeps These General Counsels Up at Night?
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Short Term Rental Market
  • Policing in the 21st Century
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Indian Child Welfare Act Regulations

The following panels have been scheduled for July 19:

  • Malware, Identity Theft and Content Theft Sites – What Should You Be Telling Your Constituents
  • AG Initiatives Update – Education Debt Call to Action and Protecting Veterans‘ Rights
  • Supreme Court Review
  • Drug Takebacks and Effect Opioid Abuse Counter Tactics
  • Marijuana Legalization Debate

The following panels have been scheduled for July 20:

  • Fraud Prevention Panel – Effective Use of Master Death File and Other Data Analytics
  • Labeling and Public Health Implications – What the Public Should Know
  • United States Forest Service Update
  • Ethics: The Future of Online Legal Services

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Legislative Summit | August 8-11
Chicago, Illinois
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The Legislative Summit will begin August 7 with preconference meetings of the Task Force on Energy Supply, Task Force on State and Local Taxation, Task Force on Immigration and the States, and newly formed Task Force on Cybersecurity. NCSL will hold its third full Executive Committee Meeting of the year on August 7 in conjunction with the Summit.

The Energy Summit will take place August 7-8 and will feature multiple panels including the following:

  • The Evolving Electric Grid
  • Taking to the Skies: Drones Transform Energy Business
  • Weathering the Storm—Risk, Vulnerability and the Electric Grid

The General Session on August 8 is entitled The Economy – Top 5 Things You Need to Know. CNBC Senior Analyst, Ron Insana is the featured speaker for the session.

The following committees will meet August 8:

  • Education Standing Committee
  • Health and Human Services Standing Committee

The following Task Forces will convene August 8:

  • Military and Veterans Affairs
  • Task Force on Innovations in State Health Systems
  • Task Force on Agriculture
  • Task Force on State and Local Taxation

The following sessions have been scheduled for August 8:

  • Diving the “Dark Web” to Prevent Crime
  • Banking Services for Marijuana-related Businesses
  • The Courts Have Ruled… But What Does it Mean for Redistricting?
  • Redistricting Tools: How Will The Technology Landscape Look 2020?
  • State Accountability under the New Federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)
  • Redistricting: A Distinctively Legislative Power
  • Autonomous Vehicle Experience
  • Helping Our Military Vote
  • Police-Worn Body Cameras: Data and Privacy
  • The Federal Regulatory Burden

The following Standing Policy Committees will convene August 9:

  • Law, Criminal Justice and Public Safety Standing Committee
  • Natural Resources and Infrastructure Standing Committee
  • Budgets and Revenue Standing Committee
  • Communications, Financial Services and Interstate Commerce Standing Committee
  • Labor and Economic Development Standing Committee
  • Redistricting and Elections Standing Committee
  • Legislative Effectiveness Standing Committee

The following sessions have been scheduled for August 9:

  • School Vouchers and Education Savings Accounts: Are They Constitutional?
  • The National Insurance Crime Bureau – How We Attack Insurance Fraud
  • State Activity and the Future of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)
  • Medicaid Innovations
  • Teacher Shortages: Crisis or Opportunity
  • Nuclear Nexus
  • Prescription Drugs and Costs: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Improving End-of-Life Care: A Better End
  • Gearing Up: Transportation Funding for the Future
  • Next Up: The Future of 911
  • The Military, Your Community and the Economy
  • Research to Policy: Improving Outcomes for Children and Youth in Foster Care
  • From STEM Education to a STEM Economy
  • Technology: Improving Elections One Bit or Byte at a Time?
  • SmartLabel™ – Delivering Transparency to Consumers

The General Session for August 10 is entitled Demographics, Democracy and the Future and will features Karlyn Bowman of the American Enterprise Institute and University of North Carolina Professor Jim Johnson. The NCSL Business Meeting, at which policy directives and resolutions receive final approval, is scheduled for August 10.

The following sessions have been scheduled for August 10:

  • Reducing Poverty — A Bipartisan Approach
  • Capital Punishment in the 21st Century
  • Healthy Kids are Better Learners
  • Crystal Clear? State Efforts to Improve Water Planning
  • Building a Strong Workforce — The Role and Importance of Community Colleges
  • Targeting Health Care Costs

NCSL has scheduled Republican and Democratic Caucus breakfasts for the morning of August 11.
The following sessions are planned for August 11:

  • Women and Wages
  • Staffing for Cybersecurity
  •  The Electric Grid Revolution and the Clean Power Plan
  • Rx for America’s Opioid Addiction
  • A Hero’s Best Friend: Regulating Service Animals
  • Cybersecurity Showdown — Challenges and Strategies for States

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