Groups Report

February 2016 Highlights

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Digital Currency Symposium | February 4-5
Park City, Utah
Stateside Contact: Steve Arthur at

CWAG is hosting a Digital Currency Symposium to provide Attorneys General offices and interested parties an overview of what digital currencies are, and how they can impact law enforcement. The Symposium will begin February 4 with welcoming remarks from Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes (R), who will then host the opening panel that will introduce the Technology of Digital Currencies to Symposium attendees.

The Symposium will continue on February 4-5 with the following panels:

  • Who Are the Potential Users of Digital Currencies,
    Distributed Ledgers and the Blockchain?
  • Security/Consumer Protection Issues Related to Digital
  • Law Enforcement Challenges Related to Digital
  • How is the U.S. Government Regulating Digital
  • The Future of Digital Currencies: Roundtable

The meeting will adjourn after lunch on February 5.

More information is available at:


Energy Policy Outlook Conference | February 9-11
Washington, D.C.
Stateside Contact: Steve Arthur at
The Energy Policy Outlook Conference brings together the representatives of state and territorial energy offices, energy industry leaders, trade associations, non-profits, and policymakers.

The conference will begin on February 9 with a closed-door meeting on the Energy Efficiency Registry Project. NASEO Regional Affiliates will convene during the afternoon followed by a meeting of the Board of Directors.

The following sessions have been planned for February 10:

  • Expert “Outlooks” on Energy Policy and Markets
  • Federal Energy Efficiency Outlook: DOE‟s Progress and Plans
  • Making Clean Energy Investments Business-as-Usual
  • Realizing the Benefits of the Direct Use of Natural Gas
  • Building Energy Codes and their Impact on the Outlook for Energy Demand

A Roundtable entitled The Future of Energy Efficiency will be held in the afternoon. NASEO Committees will also convene.
A Congressional and Administration update has been scheduled for February 11. The following sessions have also been planned:

  • Electric Vehicles “Everywhere” and Implications for the Grid
  • U.S. State Energy Program, Weatherization Assistance Program, and State Technical Assistance Updates
  • Workforce Development, STEM and the Next Generation of Energy Professionals
  • Renewable Energy Innovations
  • Beyond the Central Grid: Remote Energy Networks from Pole to Pole
  • The Grid Modernization Policy “Mod Squad”

The NASEO, NARUC, NACAA “3N” Clean Power Plan Workshop will take place February 11-12.

More information will become available at:


Legislative Conference | February 20-24
Washington, D.C.
Stateside Contact: Michael Behm at

The Legislative Conference will feature multiple guest speakers, including:

  • U.S. Senator John McCain (R-Arizona)
  • Acting U.S. Secretary of Education John B. King, Jr.
  • U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack
  • Fox News Anchor, Chris Wallace
  • Political Director at Atlantic Media Company, Ron Brownstein

The meeting will begin with Policy Committee meetings throughout the day on February 20. The annual NACo Technology and Innovation Summit is also scheduled for February 20. Attendees must register separately for this event. The Policy Coordinating Committee will convene in the evening.

Policy Committees will meet again all day on February 21. The NACo Board of Directors Forum will take place in the afternoon. NACo Regional Caucus Meetings have been scheduled for February 22. The NACo Board of Directors will also hold its Business and Resolutions Meeting on February 22.

The following concurrent workshops will also take place February 22:

  • County Economies 2015: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Still Confused by ACA? Cadillac Tax and Other Key Compliance Issues
  • Counties on the Frontlines: The Escalating Substance Abuse Epidemic – Part One
  • What‟s Your Leadership Legacy?
  • Federal Rulemaking: Insights into Public Comment Periods and Shaping Federal Rules
  • Keeping Counties Moving: Understanding the Role of Freight Transportation as an Economic Engine
  • GASB at Our Doorstep: The New Normal for County Finances
  • Counties on the Frontlines: How Counties are Fighting the Substance Abuse Epidemic – Part Two
  • Trusted Leaders Get the Best Results
  • #SocialMedia: Perceptions and Use of Social Media on Capitol Hill and the White House
  • Innovations in Economic Diversification: Coal Reliant Counties Look to the Future
  • Conducting Elections in an Era of Cyber Threats
  • Lessons Learned from Counties “Stepping Up” to Reduce Mental Illness in Jails
  • Responding Instead of Reacting During a Crucial Conversation
  • Face to Face with Federal Policy Makers: Perfecting the Art of Effective Meetings and Communications

The General Session has been scheduled for February 23. The President‟s Reception has also been scheduled for February 23. The following concurrent workshops will also take place throughout the day on February 23:

  • Second Chances, Safer Counties: Workforce Development and Reentry
  • NACo Cost Saving Solutions: US Communities, Live Healthy, NRS, MBS, Etc
  • Childhood Trauma: Causes, Consequences, and Creating Trauma-‐‐informed Counties
  • Speak to Influence and Persuade
  • Role of US Supreme Court and Federal Courts: Trends and Threats Facing Counties

NACo members will participate in the annual Capitol Hill office visits on February 24.

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