Groups Report

November/December 2015 Highlights

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Fall Consumer Protection Meeting | November 2-4
St. Louis, Missouri
Fall Meeting | December 1-2
Charleston, South Carolina
Stateside Contact: Steve Arthur at

The public portion of the Fall Consumer Protection Meeting will take place in the afternoon of November 2.
Session topics for the meeting include:

  • Debt Buying Issues
  • Herbal Supplements
  • The First Amendment and Consumer Protection

A private sector roundtable has been scheduled in the evening.

More information will become available at:

The Fall Meeting will be hosted by South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson (R). It is the only annual meeting held exclusively for attorneys general and staff – its sessions are closed to the general public. The Executive Committee and Mission Foundation have been scheduled to meet on December 1. A limited agenda for this meeting has been released to the public.


Congress of Cities & Exposition | November 4-7
Nashville, Tennessee
Stateside Contact: Stephanie Reich at

The Congress of Cities & Exposition will feature NLC Policy Committee meetings, workshops, and NLC University Seminars. NLC members will also adopt the 2016 National Municipal Policy – the Group’s policy guiding document.
The following NLC Policy Committees will meet November 4:

  • Community and Economic Development (CED) Policy and Advocacy Committee
  • Finance, Administration and Intergovernmental Relations (FAIR) Policy and Advocacy Committee
  • Human Development (HD) Policy and Advocacy Committee
  • Information Technology and Communications (ITC) Policy and Advocacy Committee
  • Public Safety and Crime Prevention (PSCP) Policy and Advocacy Committee
  • Transportation Infrastructure and Services (TIS) Policy and Advocacy Committee
  • Energy, Environment and Natural Resources (EENR) Policy and Advocacy Committee

The following sessions have been planned for November 4:

  • Coming Together for Crime Reduction
  • Enriching Education for a Stronger Community
  • Inspiring a Green and Active City
  • Handling the Unthinkable: Public Safety Leadership in Unconventional Crises
  • Paying for Economic Development: Creative Financing Techniques
  • Port Research and Harbor Infrastructure
  • Classroom to Career
  • Clean Water, Healthy Environment
  • Innovations in the Court System
  • Urban Transformations: From Vacant to Vibrant

The Opening Session is scheduled for November 5 and will feature the Keynote speaker and first African American female combat pilot, Vernice Armour. The NLC Board of Directors, Advisory Council, and Resolutions Committee will convene November 5. The following councils will also convene November 5:

  • Military Communities Council
  • Small Cities Council
  • Youth, Education, and Families Council

The following sessions are scheduled for November 5:

  • City-County Consolidation: A Historic Decision
  • Cultivating an Entrepreneurial City
  • Engaging New Americans
  • The New Planning Paradigm: Leveraging Connected Technology to Transform Your City
  • Transforming Blighted Communities
  • Transparency Starts from Within: Operational Intelligence with OpenGov
  • How to Regulate Home Sharing
  • Public Safety and Open Policing: How Transparency Can Lead to Trust, Community Engagement, and Positive Outcomes
  • Retail Development: Best Practices for Attracting Private Funds to Implement Your City’s Master Development Plans

The following sessions are scheduled for November 6:

  • A Discussion on Racial Equity as a Best Practice Model for American Cities
  • Beyond Ridesharing: What’s Next for the Sharing Economy Revolution?
  • Hacking Cities: Cyber Security
  • Managing Waste Without Wasting Your Budget
  • Sharing Data to Create Healthier, Thriving Communities
  • Tomorrow’s Workforce: The Role of Cities
  • Bring Your Downtown To Life!
  • Financially Empowering Your Residents

The following sessions are scheduled for November 7:

  • Cultivating a Local Food Economy
  • Golden Aging: How to Create a Senior-Friendly Community
  • Supporting Your Community’s Families Through Re-Entry Initiatives
  • Don’t Just Go With the Flow: How You Can Improve Local Water Policy
  • Game-Changing Strategies to Increase Broadband Access in Your Community
  • Municipal Bonds and Fiscal Health: What You Need to Know Right Now

The NLC Business Meeting will take place November 7 where members will select new leadership and adopt resolutions and policy amendments to the 2016 National Municipal Policy. Joplin, Missouri Councilwoman Melodee Colbert-Kean is expended to ascend to the 2015-2016 NLC Presidency.

More information is available at:


Annual Conference | November 12-15
San Antonio, Texas
Stateside Contact: Robert Holden at

Topics planned for discussion at the Annual Conference include, but are not limited to, the ACA, Dodd-Frank, workers’ compensation reform, physician network adequacy, and p-c insurer rating practices. Multiple NCOIL committees will review NCOIL Model Acts and vote on submitted legislator resolutions.

The conference will begin on November 12 with an Officers and Chairs meeting. The NCOIL Institute for Insurance Policy will hold a luncheon entitled 1332 Waivers: What Are They and Why Are States So Interested?

The following committees will convene November 12:

  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance Committee
  • Financial Services & Investment Products Committee
  • International Insurance Issues Committee
  • Health, Long-Term Care & Health Retirement Issues Committee

The NCOIL-NAIC Dialogue will take place November 13 along with a special Health Committee meeting on telemedicine. The following committees will meet on November 13:

  • Business Planning Committee
  • Bylaws Revision Committee
  • Life Insurance & Financial Planning Committee
  • State-Federal Relations Committee

The General Session entitled The “Sharing” Economy: How Might It Change Insurance Regulation? will take place November 14 along with a symposium on health insurance premiums.

The Executive Committee will convene on November 15.

More information, including the 30-Day Meeting Materials, is available at: