Groups Report

April 2016 Highlights

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Mid-Year Meeting | April 27-28
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Stateside Contact: Mark Anderson at

The theme of the Mid-Year Meeting is Succession and Long Term Planning. The meeting will begin with welcome remarks delivered by ASTSWMO President and District Chief, Southwest District Office of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Bonnie Buthker and ASTSWMO Past-President and Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Program Manager, Mike Forbeck on April 27.

The keynote speakers for April 27 are Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Director, John Quigley and the Executive Director and Co-Founder of MeansDatabase, Maria Rose Belding. Two plenary sessions have been scheduled for the day. The first session will focus on long-term planning approaches in the states for retaining or replacing personnel. The second session will focus on planning at the federal level.

Program breakouts have been scheduled for both April 27 and April 28 with all five (5) ASTSWMO Subcommittees convening.

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Spring Meeting | April 11-13
Nashville, Tennessee
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The Spring Meeting will begin with a meeting of the Shale Gas Caucus (SGC) April 11. A discuss on alternative management strategies for water produced from oil and gas wells has been planned.

The Opening Plenary Session will begin with a welcome opening delivered by Nashville Mayor Megan Barry (D) and a keynote on the environmental-public health nexus delivered by author Bryn Barnard.

A roundtable discussion on the nexus between environment and public health will follow and will feature participants from the U.S. EPA Office of Research and Development and the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services.
The Keynote on April 11 will be delivered by Co-founder of and Deputy Director at the Center for Risk Communication, Dr. Randall Hyer.

An additional roundtable discussion will take place in the afternoon entitled Partnerships to Advance Air Quality: Focus on Ozone and Regional Haze.
The ECOS Executive Committee will convene in the evening after a States-Only Business Session to review resolutions and bylaws.
The following roundtables have been scheduled for April 12:

  • Restoring Urban Waters to Bring Economic and Environmental Vitality ―Downtown
  • The Recovered Material Role in Sustainable Materials Management
  • How Lean is Your Machine
  • Beyond the Bean Counting: Measuring the Impact of Environmental Enforcement Actions

A session on the Clean Power Plan and what lies ahead after the U.S. Supreme Court’s stay will take place that evening.
A breakfast session entitled Progress and Plans for the State-Federal Partnership will take place April 13 and will feature U.S. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy.

States-only breakouts will follow.
A Natural Resources Forum, open to states and invited guests, will take place in the afternoon and will explore the nexus between natural resources and pollution control goals.
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Southern Region Meeting | April 18-19
Atlanta, Georgia
Washington, D.C.
Stateside Contact: Steve Arthur at
The Southern Region Meeting, co-hosted by Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens (R) and Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring (D), will begin at lunch on April 18 and run through the day on April 19. The focus of this meeting will be federalism. Panel topics will include:

  • The New Federalism: State Sovereignty in a Time of Overlapping Federal and State Power
  • Federalism and the Future of Chevron
  • Federalism and Immigration
  • The Federal Arbitration Act, Preemption, and the Privatization of the Law
  • When States Can Sue and Be Sued
  • The Voting Rights Act after Shelby County v. Holder

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