Groups Report

October 2016 Highlights

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Annual Meeting | October 27-28
Washington, D.C.
Stateside Contact: Mark Anderson at

The Annual Meeting theme is Adapting to Changing Environments. The opening session will feature remarks from ASTSWMO President and Ohio EPA Southwest District Office Chief, Bonnie Buthker.

On October 27, sessions on the G-7 circular economy, food waste, and natural disasters have been scheduled and will feature speakers from U.S. Office of Land and Emergency Management; The Nature Conservancy; Harvard Law School; and the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense.

Program breakouts will follow with expected discussion on the following topics:

  • TSCA Reform
  • UST System Evaluation
  • Brownfields Planning
  • Pharmaceuticals and Cathode Ray Tubes

On October 28, Program breakouts will continue including a Tanks discussion on the following topics:

  • Cleanups at stations with active UST systems
  • Institutional Controls
  • Petroleum Vapor Intrusion (PVI)
  • Insurance and aging tanks infrastructure

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Fall Consumer Protection Meeting | October 3-5
Phoenix, Arizona
Midwestern Region Meeting | October 6-7
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Eastern Region Meeting | October 27-28
Newport, Rhode Island
Fall Meeting | November 28-30
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Stateside Contact: Steve Arthur at

The public portion of the Fall Consumer Protection Meeting will take place October 3, from noon until 7:00PM, and is expected to include sessions on Fintech companies, CFPB payday rules, and organic food regulations.

The closed portion of the meeting will take place October 4-5. Expected topics of discussion include the following:

  • Motor Vehicle Fraud
  • EPA Mileage Testing Program
  • Consumer Protection Laws in Rental Housing
  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Sale of Structured Settlements

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The theme of the Midwestern Region Meeting is The Role of the Attorney General in Fighting Opiate Abuse. The meeting will begin October 6 with a breakfast and will conclude at noon October 7. The meeting will serve as a forum bringing attorneys general and their senior staff together to focus on those policies that are working to combat heroin and opiate abuse in the states.

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The Eastern Region Meeting will bring together federal, state and non-governmental agencies to discuss best practices in how to create, execute and leverage public and private partnerships to benefit the mission of Attorneys General offices. It will begin with a breakfast October 27 and will conclude at noon on October 28.

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The Fall Meeting is the only annual meeting held exclusively for Attorneys General and staff – its sessions are closed to the general public. The Conference of Western Attorneys General (CWAG) will hold a dinner November 29; the CWAG dinner is the only formal opportunity for the private sector to join attorneys general during the meeting.

The Executive Committee and Mission Foundation have been scheduled to meet on November 29.

This meeting will also serve as an orientation for the new state Attorneys General that will be elected into office November 8. A limited agenda for this meeting has been released to the public.


Fall Conference | November 6-8
Arlington, Virginia
Stateside Contact: Robert Holden at

The Fall Conference will begin with an all-day meeting of state Medicaid agency staff on November 6.
Opening remarks will be delivered November 7 by NAMD President and Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System Director, Tom Betlach.

Two plenary sessions are scheduled for day; the first is entitled The Opioid Crisis in America and the second is entitled Navigating the Complexity of Value-based Purchasing.

The following sessions have also been scheduled for November 7:

Innovative Financing to Address the Social Determinants of Health

  • Medicaid Medical Homes: What’s Working and What’s Next
  • Perspective from the Capitol Complex
  • Building Service Linkages for Justice-involved Individuals
  • Viewing MACRA Through a Medicaid Lens
  • The Dental Piece in the Medicaid Puzzle
  • MMIS Modularity: Making Disruption Effective

Two plenary sessions have been scheduled for November 8; the first is entitled Looking Forward: The Future of Medicaid and the Health Care System and the second is entitled Looking Back: How has Medicaid Changed over the Past 8 Years.

The following sessions have also been planned:

  • Prescription Drug Cost, Utilization, and Value Considerations for Medicaid
  • The Road to Person-Centered Substance Use Disorder Treatment
  • Can Managed Care Turn the Tide for Complex Populations?

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