Groups Word CloudGroups and their members are policymakers and lobbyists. They are hubs of communication among state and local government officials. Their actions and policies transcend district lines. They provide governors, attorneys general, legislators, regulators and other state and local officials with multiple national forums to exchange policy ideas, share best practices and even fundraise.

It is rare that a national initiative today advances without the direct involvement of these Groups. In a climate of tight budgets, stalled federal action and unprecedented partisan tension, state and local officials’ Groups are shaping policy more than ever before.

As government affairs professionals, we know that engaging these Groups can serve a variety of valuable purposes for our programs. Their meetings can represent opportunities to educate and motivate policymakers. And, there are no more economical ways to access hundreds of state and local officials all across the country.

The alphabet soup of state and local Groups can be a bit disorienting. Even the most experienced professional may be unfamiliar with all the Groups important to their organization. How does one know how to select and engage with the right Groups? Since membership in many of these Groups is limited to state and local officials, being knowledgeable about how to access the Groups through their foundations, corporate roundtables, partnerships or in-kind contribution is critical.

Many are uncertain about how to take the first step into the Groups arena. We can help you take that first step and navigate you and your resources.

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