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Stateside Associates offers customized federal legislative monitoring and regulatory forecasting, using the same successful methodology used for state monitoring, including:

  • Employing professionals with legislative and regulatory experience
  • Maintaining a network of federal legislative and regulatory contacts
  • Contacting legislative and agency sources directly
  • Reviewing primary sources, rather than depending on keyword searches
  • Writing summaries customized to clients’ issues

Federal Legislative Monitoring

Stateside Associates’ professional staff read each bill and amendment to identify relevant client issues, avoiding the critical errors that can plague services limited to keyword searches. These professionals perform bill tracking until final disposition, providing political perspective, or “outlook,” for each piece of proposed legislation.

Federal Legislative Monitoring information includes:

  • Bill Sponsor (name and party affiliation)
  • Summary of Major Provisions (emphasizing provisions of interest to the client)
  • Status (report of past and upcoming actions)
  • Outlook (a political assessment)
  • Hyperlink to the full text of Bills/Amendments (when available)

Federal Regulatory Forecasting

Stateside Associates’ Regulatory Counsel, attorneys specialized in producing detailed and customized accounts of regulatory rulemaking, monitor federal agency activity. Regulatory Counsel contact regulators directly, identifying rulemaking early to maximize opportunities for clients to impact the rulemaking process.

Federal Regulatory Forecasting information includes:

  • Descriptive Title (includes agency, jurisdiction, status and short description of the substance)
  • Issue (description of the broad issue category)
  • Subissue (targeted description for pinpointing specific issues of interest)
  • Date of First Report (the date the regulation was first reported to the client)
  • Citation (the appropriate reference to the state’s administrative code, or guidance document)
  • Rule Summary (outlines the substance of the rule emphasizing issues of interest to the client)
  • Rule Development (any scheduled hearings or official meetings)
  • Links to Supportive Documents, including Full Text of Proposed Regulation (where available)


As with their state intelligence services, clients have access to Stateside Associates’ legislative and regulatory staff for additional inquiries and detailed research concerning the issues the clients monitor.

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