Case Studies

Addressed Attorneys General Attack on Industry Sector – As a result of Stateside’s work, a formal AG multistate working group against the sector was never established. Attorney General signatories on negative letters against the sector have declined dramatically and have become less bipartisan than on the outset of the campaign. In public comments, Attorneys General are more careful to talk about the actions of particular companies and no longer criticize the entire sector.

Addressed National Unemployment Rate for Veterans Serving Post-9/11 - Since the initiative began in 2013, 29 states enacted 44 laws in 2013 easing licensing challenges for separated service members and veterans; 11 states enacted 12 laws in 2014 and 13 bills are currently pending in 9 states in 2015. Attorney General signatories on negative letters against the sector have declined dramatically and have become less bipartisan than at the outset of the campaign.

Addressed SSL Committee Docket Item Damaging to an Association Client’s Industry and Members – Due to Stateside’s efforts, the CSG-SSL Committee rejected the Docket item, preventing its inclusion in the Annual Suggested State Legislation Volume.

Audit of State and Local Government Relations (SLGR) Program – After Stateside performed an audit, the client implemented almost every recommendation and has been very successful in scaling up to a team with national reach supported by state lobbyists and enhanced by strong relationships with its trade associations.

Creation of an Executive Committee Task Force at the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) to Address Sustainability Issues – Due to Stateside’s work, an inaugural meeting in Texas was attended by more than 40 legislators from around the country. The work with the Task Force over the last seven years has helped improve working relationships with state legislators and increase awareness about federal facility sustainability challenges caused by both the federal facilities and by growing urban encroachment around these facilities. The work is ongoing to this day.

Leveraging Local GROUPS to Increase Public Sector Sales Opportunities – The outreach program is ongoing, but due to Stateside’s efforts the client is now serving as the payments provider to nearly 400 county governments across the country and beginning electronic payment pilot programs with multiple state governments.

Lobbyist Management – All lobbyists remained on retainer for a period of one year and most were then transferred to the national trade association. The company has remained a client of Stateside Associates for Issue Management and Legislative Monitoring for 7 years thus far.

Outreach Efforts to the Environmental Council of the States (ECOS) on Behalf of a Federal Agency Client – As a result of Stateside’s work, the Work Group improved working relationships with environmental commissioners while developing solutions to complex problems.

Supported Health Care Association’s Efforts to Amend National Model Legislation – Model law language Stateside drafted was adopted by a national state officials’ policy group, which has led to favorable state legislation enacted in multiple states and is now the industry standard on this issue.

Supported Public Sector Sales Program for a Corporate Client – After Stateside evaluated the situation and made recommendations, the company implemented some changes in its internal infrastructure and is in the process of interviewing lobbyists.