Local Elections Decide National Issues

By Nick Blazer, Manager, Social Media Services

Local Government Elections Decide National IssuesWhile the national media remains enthralled with the distant 2016 presidential and Senate races some of the largest cities across the nation will select their policymakers this year. The deficit of attention regarding these local-level elections is surprising considering the […]

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The Baton Rouge Battle Royale: Louisiana Elections 2015

By Nick Blazer, Manager, Social Media Services

Louisiana Elections 2015: The Baton Rouge Battle RoyaleLouisiana has a highly important election season this year. Big financial problems hang overhead. The governor’s and lieutenant governor’s races are both open seat races. A recent high profile defeat is leaving the Democratic Party wondering if it […]

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Will a Red Sun Rise on the Bluegrass State?

By Nick Blazer, Manager, Social Media Services

Kentucky Primary Elections - Governor and Attorney General Races If someone said the “trail to the Kentucky governor’s mansion includes skydiving” and a “comic book convention,” would you believe them?

In the first of this year’s blogs about the gubernatorial, attorneys general, legislative and […]

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The 2015 Governors’ Inaugural Ceremonies

2015 Governors' Inaugural Ceremonies


2015 Governors Inaugural Ceremonies Update

By Nick Blazer, Manager, Social Media Services

Outlined below are the 2015 inauguration swearing-in dates and planned celebratory activities. Some Governors and Governors-Elect have not released event information, but are […]

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Priorities of the New Governors

Priorities of the New Governors

By Robert A. Holden, Esq., Senior Vice President

Now that the results of election night 2014 have sunk in, 12 new Governors (eight Republicans, three Democrats, and an independent) are preparing to take the reins in their respective states. As you might expect, a review of their key […]

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What If the Republican Party Has a Dream Election Year?

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What If the Democratic Party Has a Dream Election Year?

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2014 State Elections – Legislator Turnover

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NCSL Legislative Summit State Elections Presentation

NCSL’s Tim Storey provided an excellent and comprehensive preview of the upcoming state elections during last week’s Legislative Summit.

You can view his presentation here.

For further information on last week’s Legislative Summit, including highlights, streamed sessions and presentations, you can access NCSL’s comprehensive online Legislative Summit resource page by visiting http://www.ncsl.org/meetings-training/2014-legislative-summit-online-resources.aspx.

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Will These Governors Survive the Midterm Elections?

By Nick Blazer, Manager, Social Media Services

blog-elections-284x200pxIt has been a little over a month since the last round of gubernatorial primary elections and some of the biggest question marks in 2014 are finally reaching the primary election milestone this year. Six races with August primaries are listed below […]

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Election 2014: Summer Ballot Questions Update

By Stateside Associates

2014 Elections - Summer Ballot Questions UpdateThis election cycle’s ballot measure trends are coming into crystal focus as 38 states have already certified just over 100 ballot measures for the 2014 primary and general election ballots. Measures may continue to earn coveted ballot slots throughout […]

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Regulation Déjà Vu

By John Howell, Esq., Vice President

State Regulatory Monitoring: Regulation Deja VuSummer is approaching and state legislative sessions are winding down. But, for those who focus on state regulations, the “high season” is still very much underway. And, it all has to do with state elections.


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Election 2014: A Second Spotlight on the Gubernatorial Races

By Nick Blazer, Manager, Social Media Services

2014 Governors Races - A Second SpotlightJune features three more waves of primary elections in states across the country that will settle some key questions in this year’s races. Will Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R) or Neel Kashkari (R) emerge from California’s top-two […]

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Election 2014: Spotlight on the Gubernatorial Races

By Nick Blazer, Manager, Social Media Services

A Spotlight on the 2014 Governors RacesWhile national pundits keep their eyes fixated on the Congressional elections, 2014 is the critical year for state elections in the United States. There are 36 gubernatorial seats up for grabs and 29 out of the 36 […]

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Direct Democracy: Avoiding Issue Management Pain at the 2014 Ballot Box

By Stateside Associates

Will your issue soon be the subject of an expensive general election ballot measure campaign? Taking the direct democracy temperature now in the states is one important way to avoid unpleasant surprises late next summer. The 2014 ballot measure landscape is rapidly taking shape (find out more about […]

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Encouraging Her to Run – Locally

By Stateside Associates

Local Government - Encouraging Her to RunIt started on a residential street in St. Louis, Missouri with a busted manhole cover and a frustrated mother. After the noise from the cars banging against the damaged cover had disturbed her children’s naps one too many […]

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State Elections: Trend Setters or Busters?

By Constance Campanella, Chairman Emeritus

Tomorrow’s election will touch every American as citizens elect a President, US Senators, Members of Congress, Governors, Attorneys General and more than 6,000 state legislators. The state ballots will also include more than 150 questions–initiatives and referenda–addressing a vast array of public policy issues.

Stateside Associates will […]

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2011 State Races Presage 2012 Vote

By Steve Arthur, Vice President

Updated October 5, 2011

While the Republican presidential debates have been the focus of the national media in recent weeks, there are state elections this fall that may provide some early indications about what may happen at the ballot box next year.

One early indicator […]

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Will A Republican Wave Wash Over State Legislatures and Your State Government Relations Program?

In states where one party has been in control for years, have you cultivated or ignored relationships with the minority party? If they take control, will fence-mending be necessary? You may want to request an increase in your travel budget now for next year so you can make some additional visits to your key states and attend more Groups meetings to quickly develop those relationships for 2011.
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