The Baton Rouge Battle Royale: Louisiana Elections 2015

By Nick Blazer, Manager, Social Media Services

Louisiana Elections 2015: The Baton Rouge Battle RoyaleLouisiana has a highly important election season this year. Big financial problems hang overhead. The governor’s and lieutenant governor’s races are both open seat races. A recent high profile defeat is leaving the Democratic Party wondering if […]

Will a Red Sun Rise on the Bluegrass State?

By Nick Blazer, Manager, Social Media Services

Kentucky Primary Elections - Governor and Attorney General Races If someone said the “trail to the Kentucky governor’s mansion includes skydiving” and a “comic book convention,” would you believe them?

In the first of this year’s blogs about the gubernatorial, attorneys general, legislative […]

Was That Marty McFly at the NARUC Winter Meetings?

By John Howell, Esq., Vice President

Was That Marty McFly at the NARUC Winter Meetings?In the 1989 movie “Back to the Future II” Marty McFly travels to the distant future – 2015. Among many advances in technology McFly encounters hoverboards, flying cars, and rehydrators which turned tiny […]

411: Oregon Governor Kate Brown

By Steve Arthur, Vice President

Oregon Governor Kate BrownWith the resignation of Governor John Kitzhaber (D) effective Wednesday, February 18, Secretary of State Kate Brown (D) will assume the office since Oregon has no Lt. Governor. So what can we expect from incoming Governor Brown?

While […]

Speaker Roulette Ends in Massachusetts

By Robert Maurice, Legislative Associate

Speaker Roulette Ends in MassachusettsThe contrast of leadership battles in New York and Massachusetts this week could not be more stark.

While the New York Assembly sacks its powerful and long-tenured leader, the Massachusetts House doubles down on the power of […]

After the Speaker, Part 2

By Steve Arthur, Vice President

After the Speaker, Part 2Earlier this week, my colleague Connie Campanella provided some advice on what you need to be asking your New York lobbyist in light of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s arrest over the weekend.

After an effort by Speaker Silver to hold on to […]

After the Speaker

By Constance Campanella, President and CEO

Who will replace Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver?The arrest of New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D) has shaken the Albany Capitol building and its occupants to their snow boots. Whether you like him, fear him, despise him or respect him – a leadership change of this […]

Health Care Exchange Options: Higher Premiums or Your Choice of Provider

By Robert Holden, Senior Vice President

Health Care Exchange Options: Higher Premiums or Your Choice of ProviderThe transparency and sufficiency of the provider networks available to health care consumers is at the heart of the current debate over “Narrow Networks.” In an effort to maintain affordable premiums, […]

Legal Marijuana Becomes a State Government Relations Issue

By Christopher Mitton, Legislative Associate

Legal Marijuana Becomes a State Government Relations Issue

“Corporation Fires Quadriplegic Man” reads the headline on the front page of your city’s major newspaper. As you read, you learn that the termination was for the use of marijuana and companies with federal contracts must […]

The 2015 Governors’ Inaugural Ceremonies


2015 Governors' Inaugural Ceremonies


2015 Governors Inaugural Ceremonies Update

By Nick Blazer, Manager, Social Media Services

Outlined below are the 2015 inauguration swearing-in dates and planned celebratory activities. Some Governors and Governors-Elect have not released event information, but […]