The 2015 Governors’ Inaugural Ceremonies


2015 Governors' Inaugural Ceremonies

By Nick Blazer, Manager, Social Media Services

Outlined below are the 2015 inauguration swearing-in dates and planned celebratory activities. Some Governors and Governors-Elect have not released event information, but are expected to in the coming weeks.


Inaugural Ceremony: […]

All Was Calm, If Not Quiet, at NARUC in San Francisco

All Was Calm, If Not Quiet, at NARUC in San Francisco

By John Howell, Esq., Vice President

Calm seemed to preside at the NARUC Annual Meeting in San Francisco in stark contrast to the sense of urgency underlying NARUC’s Summer Meetings in July. The Summer Committee Meetings were dominated by discussions, […]

Priorities of the New Governors

Priorities of the New Governors

By Robert Holden, Senior Vice President

Now that the results of election night 2014 have sunk in, 12 new Governors (eight Republicans, three Democrats, and an independent) are preparing to take the reins in their respective states. As you might expect, a review of their key campaign […]

Decide – Consultant or Client?

By Dusty Brighton, MPA, Vice President

State Government Relations - Client or Consultant?“What is it like working in a corporate government relations environment as compared to working in a government relations consulting capacity?” I am often asked this question. Well, I will let you in on a secret: things […]

Follow-Up, Follow-Up, Follow-Up…

By Michael Behm, Senior Vice President and Heather Williams, Vice President

Groups Engagement - Attend a Meeting, Follow-Up, RepeatThe National Conference of State Legislatures’ (NCSL) annual Legislative Summit wrapped-up last Friday – its 40th such meeting and the largest of the state and local officials Groups forums during […]

Out of Session: Out of Mind? – How One Association SGR Executive Stays Relevant

By Constance Campanella, President and CEO

How One State Government Relations Executive Stays Relevant Out of SessionI hear often about association SGR programs that disappear in the months between June-January. They do not really disappear of course, but as far as […]

Insider Dealing – A Government Relations Necessity?

By Steve Arthur, Vice President

Building Internal State Government RelationshipsI recently participated in a client’s government relations off-site retreat, and part of that meeting was devoted to developing the key issues on which the government relations team should be working. But unlike many companies where a team might […]

Will These Governors Survive the Midterm Elections?

By Nick Blazer, Manager, Social Media Services and the 2014 Elections Project

blog-elections-284x200pxIt has been a little over a month since the last round of gubernatorial primary elections and some of the biggest question marks in 2014 are finally reaching the primary election milestone this year. Six races […]

111(d)ominates NARUC in Dallas

By John Howell, Esq., Vice President

111(d) Dominates at NARUCHow things have changed in six months. The National Association of Regulatory Commissioners (NARUC) Summer Committee Meetings were held last week in Dallas with the Environmental Protection Agency’s 111(d) proposed guidelines to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from existing fossil-fueled power plants […]

Are Cities Grabbing Your State Issues?

By Heather Williams, Vice President and William Higgins, Manager, Local Government Services

Are Local Government Groups Grabbing Your State Issues?Local government is growing, and fast.

No, we’re not referring to the number of newly chartered cities or the nearly ninety-thousand city, county, township and special district governments […]