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About Stateside Associates

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Stateside Associates is the largest state and local government affairs firm.

Since 1988, the Stateside team has worked in all 50 states and in many local governments on behalf of dozens of companies, trade associations, federal government and non-profit clients. Long regarded as the industry leader in State and Local Government Affairs, Stateside Associates helps clients recognize more success from their programs by contributing experience, nationwide relationships and well-honed skills as issue managers. Our staff of over 50 includes 25 former state legislative staff members, ten attorneys and ten issue managers with a combined 90 years of state and local government experience. From government affairs program design to execution, there are experienced Stateside professionals available to help. Whether the task is issue monitoring, retaining lobbyists, developing strategic plans, budgeting, public sector sales, working with Groups or integrating grasstops into your program, the experienced team at Stateside Associates can help you succeed.

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Please contact Mark Anderson or Mike Behm to learn more about how Stateside Associates can be your State and Local Government Specialists.


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