Here’s what others are saying:

This is my first year with Stateside and I am already a loyal client. Everything they promised to me they delivered. The depth of their staff makes almost every request possible and the client service culture makes me feel like family. I feel that I have hired a partner, not just a consulting and monitoring firm.”

Tom DiGangi
Vice President
Government and Regulatory Affairs
The Gordian Group

Your TellTaleSM Monitoring service identified a state legislator posting positive comments about our technology. Ironically, this legislator also is sponsoring adverse legislation with respect to the same technology. The insights from the social media posts give us a new opportunity to approach this legislator and enlighten him about how the technology works in both applications.”

Stateside Associates Client

We have happily used Stateside for our legislative and regulatory tracking needs for many years, so it was no surprise to us that a three-month test of their new Social Media Monitoring Snapshot service on three issues of concern to the bottled water industry yielded high-quality output that was not only timely and relevant, but visually stimulating as well.”

Daniel Felton
Vice President, Government Relations
International Bottled Water Association (IBWA)

ICSC has been a client of Stateside for almost 20 years.  Not only do they add extreme value to our government relations program, but they always deliver what they promise on-time and constantly exceed our expectations.”

 Rachel McGreevy
Director of State Government Relations
International Council of Shopping Centers

We came to Stateside Associates asking them to accomplish a complex, nationwide task in a very short time frame. Stateside came through with flying colors, sooner than expected, and needed almost no direction after getting the assignment.”

Thomas E. Kerr
Vice President and Assistant General Counsel
Bayer Corporation

Stateside’s acumen and experience in addressing challenges in the states has been critical to PayPal’s government relations success. They have helped us overcome difficult legislative issues, participate more effectively among the officials groups, target government markets and raise our profile as a company among key state and local officials.  I cannot overemphasize the value of their attention and responsiveness to my everyday program needs… It’s all about excellent customer service.”

Michelle Peacock
Senior Director & Head of Global Government Relations

Stateside Associates created a valuable resource for our members – an internet portal featuring easy-to-read summaries of regulatory requirements in all 50-states. AAPPO’s Compliance Portal was online quickly because Stateside’s Regulatory Counsel really understand our issues. And, they are always available to help me answer questions from my members.”

Karen L. Greenrose
Executive Director
American Association of Preferred Provider Organizations

Stateside monitors the goings-on in state capitols regarding issues of interest to (name of corporation redacted) including in particular, the back door maneuverings of plaintiffs’ lawyers as they try to change the law in their favor. As an example, Stateside’s Associate covering Missouri alerted us on a Friday about a hearing just scheduled for the following Monday. That is the kind of service we count on for this program.”

Stateside Associates Client

They [Stateside Associates] are an integral part of the state relations program of Rent-A-Center. I could not recommend any person or organization more highly….”

Dwight Dumler
Senior Vice President of Public Affairs

We are proud to have been one of Stateside’s first clients. Over the years the relationship has matured to become an integral part of our government relations operations fully integrated with our in-house work. We could not be happier with the professionalism of the staff or more pleased with their work.”

Eric J. Ellman
Senior Vice President, Public Policy and Legal Affairs
Consumer Data Industry Association

The quality of service that Stateside provides the Alliance – both in terms of legislative tracking and in navigating the various third party groups – has enhanced the work of our State Affairs department tremendously and continues to be a value-add for our member companies.”

Matthew Godlewski
Vice President, State Affairs
Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers

Pitney Bowes’ relationship with Stateside Associates has extended the reach of our very small state government affairs staff in ways large and small.  Given tight resources, Stateside works with our company to help establish our government affairs strategy, monitor issues of importance across states, research policy ideas, and assist in implementation and relationship building.  This relationship is a true partnership, and one I’d recommend to other companies with limited internal resources.”

Leigh Walton
Vice President, State Government Affairs
Pitney Bowes, Inc.

Stateside Associates has been a critical part of eBay’s state government relations success – they have proven their value to our program time and time again by helping us engage legislative and [state] officials groups challenges quickly, strategically and successfully.  Their professionalism and client service is unmatched.”

Barry Murphy
Director, State Government Relations

The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) has been a client of Stateside for over ten years.  We rely on their expertise to help us work with the Governors and the State Environmental Commissioners.  But in addition to that work, Stateside has proven a great resource for ACCCE because of their breadth of knowledge and experience and their ability to add value and perspective over the years to many parts of our State Government Affairs efforts.”

Mark Ourada
Vice President, External Affairs
American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity

Stateside Associates is an essential part of our success.  Retained at the infancy of our state government affairs program, Connie and her team bring so much to the table.  I lean on them for strategic advice, advocacy, Attorney General outreach, and legislative monitoring.  Perhaps most importantly, they are pro-active in offering ideas and work without being asked.  That makes my life a lot easier, and makes me look a lot smarter.  We could not have a successful program without Stateside Associates.”

Bill Guidera
Vice President of State Government Affairs
News Corporation

We made a significant change in the structure of our state government relations program model in a fairly short timeframe and Stateside had all the elements we needed – bill monitoring, consulting and access to lobbyists we could hire independently. It has worked out very well.”

Ron Barnes
Vice President, State Affairs
Direct Marketing Association

We came to Stateside with a particular information need and they crafted an effective solution that works for our company and our budget.”

Jennifer Svendsen
Chief Operating Officer
AutoDataDirect, Inc.

With limited time and complex issues to address, I can’t spend hours pouring through keyword-based reports. I have seen what other services provide and they are not precise enough for me. Stateside sends me the bills I need to address and provides the political and process information that helps me prioritize.”

Mandy N. Hagan, Esq.
Director, Government Relations-Health and Wellness
Walgreen Co.