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November 2011

Tensions Grow in Municipal-Federal Relationship

By Michael J. Behm, Co-Chief Executive Officer & Principal

The growing tensions between the nation’s cities and towns and the federal government over anticipated budget cuts and nearing Supercommittee deadlines were on display last week at the National League of Cities (NLC) Congress of Cities and Exposition in Phoenix, Arizona.

NLC […]

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Lessons From Virginia, Iowa

By Stateside Associates

(Excerpt reprinted with permission from Governors Journal)

Virginia has given us insight into how national issues are going to play in state elections in 2012.

Despite all efforts by Virginia Democrats to make their campaigns for state Senate about state issues, Republicans worked determinedly to tie […]

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Listen (dot) com

By Stateside Associates

For whatever reason, when hearing the words “social media,” few of us think about the need to listen. I took a very informal survey of colleagues and friends recently and found that when asked about what the term “social media” means to them, most people began by using action verbs to describe […]

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