By Constance Campanella, President and CEO

Labor Day, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Veterans Day, Halloween and Valentine’s Day are holidays to most, but for elected officials they are something more–an opportunity to issue press releases, website posts, tweets and other announcements.

With headlines such as “Attorney

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Family Ties and Term Limits

By Stateside Associates

The Kennedys, the Bushes, the Daleys–all families that come to mind when I think of political dynasties.  Lesser known families include the Goodmans of Las Vegas, the Runners of California or the Chu/Engs also of California. In each of these examples, a

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Observations from the 2011 NCSL Legislative Summit

By Michael Behm, Senior Vice President

The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) Annual Legislative Summit in San Antonio, Texas ended last Thursday on a high note for the organization.  The Summit was NCSL’s largest meeting since 2007, in terms of attendance and featured over 150

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Will State Officials Moving to New Federal Agencies Affect Policy?

State officials have always found career paths that led to service in the federal government.  In areas where state law has historically been developed within a federal statutory framework, many aspects of environmental protection being an example, state officials moving into federal positions is nothing new.  Two

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State Answers to Federal Debt Questions

By Steve Arthur, Vice President

With an agreement finally having been reached over the debt limit, what are the next steps for Congress and the President?  We can look to the states to see what may happen in DC over the next two to three years. 

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