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June 2011

Local Governments Choose Bad Over Worse

By Stateside Associates

As state governments continue to deal with budget gaps, so too are the nation’s cities, counties and towns. Local governments’ fiscal concerns mirror what is going on in most states, with employee-related costs for health care coverage and pensions having the largest negative impact on the local government’s ability to fund.

Similar to the states, local governments […]

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Democratic, Republican and Tea: How Three Parties Shaped the 2011 State Legislative Sessions

By Constance Campanella, Chairman Emeritus

Revolutions often turn sour for the revolutionaries – even in victory. It is one of the most powerful lessons of the American Revolution that the victors did not become the new dictators, but instead invested their success in a system that could empower and protect the citizenry.

With that American system came the alliances we have […]

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Health Care Reform by Waiver

By Robert A. Holden, Esq., Senior Vice President

As partisan positions have crystallized at the federal level, changes to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) through legislation look increasingly unlikely. While Congress and President Obama agreed to change the 1099 reporting mandate through legislation, future bi-partisan health care policy agreements will be rare. If American voters have developed […]

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2011 Session Wrap: States Introduce Less and Pass More in 2011

By Stateside Associates

As the summer months approach, the 2011 State Legislative season is coming to a close. As of June 1, 28 states have adjourned regular legislative sessions.

What have we learned so far? Budget shortfalls and the tide of partisan changes in the 2010 election cycle have influenced the legislative activity in the states.

At the start of 2011 […]

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