Wisconsin Recalls Threaten 527 Coffers: UPDATE

By Michael J. Behm, Senior Vice President

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Wisconsin state elections agency, the Government Accountability Board, has set a date of July 12 for the recall elections against Sens. Dan Kapanke, Randy Hopper and Luther Olsen.  All three are Republicans.


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Will the NLRB Boeing Complaint Actually Hurt Unions and Union Shop States?

By Steve Arthur, Vice President

Last month’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) complaint against Boeing for building a plant in South Carolina was clearly intended to protect union jobs.  According to its own press release, the NLRB filed this complaint because Boeing decided “to transfer a second

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Wisconsin Recalls Threaten 527 Coffers

By Michael J. Behm, Senior Vice President

The petition drive to recall Democratic Wisconsin State Senator Julie Lassa ended quietly after organizers of that effort failed to file enough signatures to meet the May 16 deadline.

It was the last remaining petition drive in the efforts by

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Behind the Scenes: Major Changes Underway at NGA

By Mark D. Anderson, Esq., Senior Vice President

With the hiring of a new Executive Director, along with many new Governors in office, we can expect to see some potentially significant changes to “business-as-usual” at the National Governors Association (NGA).  Following the November elections during which

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By Robert A. Holden, Vice President

A little known provision in the federal health care law has achieved a much higher profile as the potential for higher costs and reduced services for employers and consumers now becomes clear.

Even as state legislatures tackle how they will create

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