Annual state government relations program retreats or planning meetings hold great potential…if planned and executed effectively.

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Piercing the “Regulatory Group” Veil

There are numerous national groups of state regulators covering every imaginable regulatory arena.  The Environmental Council of the States, the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, the National Association of County Health Officials are just a few of the Regulatory Groups that meet on a regular basis

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Going It Alone

While Congress continues to argue over climate change legislation, many local governments have decided to stop waiting for federal mandates, and instead are taking the lead on climate change.   Look at New York City, San Francisco and Washington, DC.  NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg launched “PlaNYC” in 2007

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Ensuring that you have internal customers for your issue management program is Job #1.

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Chemicals of Concern: ECOS Takes Aim

State policymakers are championing an unprecedented number of proposals restricting, banning and otherwise stigmatizing alleged hazards and toxins in commercial, consumer and children’s products and toys, including bisphenol-A and phthalates in plastic packaging, benzene, glycol ethers and phosphates in cleaning products, 1,4 dioxane in foaming agents and

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Stateside Associates Introduces Election Web Pages

October 6, 2009, The Web – Stateside Associates further enhanced its already robust government relations website with the addition of its Election Pages.

Two new pages have been added to the Stateside Associates website at http://www.stateside.com. Covering both states’ Ballot Measures and Referenda up

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