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This Week in the States

The Senate Higher Education Committee will meet October 5 to discuss the current financial state of higher education institutions ...
The Joint Committee on the Judiciary will meet October 6 to discuss H.B. 1465, which regulates state government surveillance on ci...
The Senate Committee on Banking and Insurance will meet October 6 to discuss S.B. 76, which increases the amount of income exempt ...
The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection will hold a workshop October 5 to discuss the demonstration projects for gri...
The Senate Finance Committee will meet October 6 to discuss H.B. 4464, which clarifies the existing sales tax exemption for the sa...
The Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources will meet October 6 to discuss Environment and Natural Resources Trust F...
The Senate Commerce Committee and Senate Health, Human Services, and Senior Citizens Committee will meet jointly October 5 to disc...
The City of Charlotte will hold a primary runoff election October 6 to select the Democratic nominee in the mayoral race. Stephani...
The Department of Environmental Quality will hold a listening session October 6 regarding the United States Environmental Protecti...
The Committee on Public Health, Welfare, and Labor will meet October 6 to receive presentations from the Department of Health rega...
The Transportation and Telecommunications Committee will meet October 5 to discuss an interim study regarding the state and local ...
The Committee to Study Limiting the Sulfur Content of Liquid Fuels will hold an organizational meeting October 6. John Keane at jp...
The City of Albuquerque will hold an election October 6 for four of its City Council seats. Stephanie Reich at
The Board of Pharmacy will hold a public hearing October 6 to discuss proposed amendments to controlled substances rules. Stefanie...
The House Insurance Committee will meet October 5 to discuss the State Worker’s Insurance Fund. Holly Yanai at
The Department of Health and Environmental Control will hold a public hearing October 8 to discuss proposed amendments to water we...
The Health Reform Task Force will meet October 6 to discuss proposed solutions to health care coverage gaps. Allison Rollins at sa...

News & Posts

Meetings in Paradise: Why Your Boss Should Send You to Hawaii

By Steve Arthur, Vice President

As we approach Labor Day and the last of the summer Groups meetings are wrapping up (just in time to start the fall schedule), I was […]

State Adoption of Federal Health Care Standards: The Cause of… and Solution to… All of Our Problems

By Robert A. Holden, Esq., Senior Vice President

While paraphrasing Homer Simpson’s comments on alcohol may not be the most complimentary way to address implementation of federal health care standards at the […]

Budget Uncertainty Roils States

By Josh Fisher, Esq., Manager of State Issues

Disagreements over closing deficits, budgetary expenditures and expanding Medicaid are forcing several legislatures to extend their sessions and a number of other states facing […]

Your Summer Groups Checklist Revisited

By Michael J. Behm, Co-Chief Executive Officer & Principal

In a past blog, I wrote about several threshold questions that a government affairs manager should consider prior to making state and […]

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Succeeding for Our Clients

Client Quotes

“This is my first year with Stateside and I am already a loyal client. Everything they promised to me they delivered. The depth of their staff makes almost every request possible and the client service culture makes me feel like family. I feel that I have hired a partner, not just a consulting and monitoring firm.”
Tom DiGangi - Vice President, Government and Regulatory Affairs, The Gordian Group
“Your TellTaleSM Monitoring service identified a state legislator posting positive comments about our technology. Ironically, this legislator also is sponsoring adverse legislation with respect to the same technology. The insights from the social media posts give us a new opportunity to approach this legislator and enlighten him about how the technology works in both applications.”
Stateside Associates Client
“ICSC has been a client of Stateside for almost 20 years. Not only do they add extreme value to our government relations program, but they always deliver what they promise on-time and constantly exceed our expectations.”
- Herb Tyson - Vice President of State & Local Government Relations, International Council of Shopping Centers
“Stateside monitors the goings-on in state capitols regarding issues of interest to (name of corporation redacted) including in particular, the back door maneuverings of plaintiffs’ lawyers as they try to change the law in their favor. As an example, Stateside’s Associate covering Missouri alerted us on a Friday about a hearing just scheduled for the following Monday. That is the kind of service we count on for this program.”
- Stateside Associates Client

Case Studies

As a result of Stateside’s work, a formal AG multistate working group against the sector was never established. Attorney General signatories on negative letters against the sector have declined dramatically and have become less bipartisan than on the outset of the campaign. In public comments, Attorneys General are more careful to talk about the actions of particular companies and no longer criticize the entire sector.
Addressed Attorneys General Attack on Industry Sector
Since the initiative began in 2013, 29 states enacted 44 laws in 2013 easing licensing challenges for separated service members and veterans; 11 states enacted 12 laws in 2014 and 13 bills are currently pending in 9 states in 2015. Attorney General signatories on negative letters against the sector have declined dramatically and have become less bipartisan than at the outset of the campaign.
Addressed National Unemployment Rate for Veterans Serving Post-9/11
The outreach program is ongoing, but due to Stateside’s efforts the client is now serving as the payments provider to nearly 400 county governments across the country and beginning electronic payment pilot programs with multiple state governments.
Leveraging Local GROUPS to Increase Public Sector Sales Opportunities
All lobbyists remained on retainer for a period of one year and most were then transferred to the national trade association. The company has remained a client of Stateside Associates for Issue Management and Legislative Monitoring for 7 years thus far.
Lobbyist Management

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